There are a number of services that Stevens Heating and Air Conditioning offers that either falls into a number of different categories, or doesn’t quite fit into any given service.

Although we focus on high efficiency HVAC services, Stevens Heating and Air Conditioning offers a number of services to improve your indoor air quality. Our heating and cooling units are most appropriate for clients that desire more efficient use of their climate control, and are seeking for environmentally friendly energy alternatives. If any of these options interest you, then please read further, we would love to share our miscellaneous services with you.

Indoor Air Quality – You shouldn’t have to worry about the air you breathe in the comfort of your own home. Poor air quality is often related to allergies acting up, disease, sinus infections, headaches, and fatigue. Stevens Heating and Air Conditioning can help improve your indoor air quality. We do this through inspecting your ductwork and replacing air filters as needed. If you or a family member has sensitive allergy concerns, we highly recommend this service.

Geothermal Energy – Geothermal energy is one of our favorite alternatives to traditional fuels. It is natural, environmentally friendly, and can do wonders for improving your indoor air quality. If you’re in the market for reducing the costs of your energy consumption, switching to an alternative energy like geothermal is a great option.

Ductwork – Ductwork is vital for getting the most out of your HVAC. When you’re constructing a new home, we can never stress enough the value of a well-built duct network will give your home. We can help with furnace installation, new ductwork, or inspect your currently existing ductwork for harmful substances like mold or vermin.

Whether installing HVAC, plumbing pipe repair, electrical installation or other miscellaneous services, Stevens Heating and Air Conditioning works hard to deliver comfort to the residences of Philadelphia area.

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